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From time to time we get equipment donated from estates that is the wish of the trustee to be donated to radio related organizations or individuals free of charge except for shipping and handling charges. Examples are, but are not restricted to: BSA, Handi-Hams,organized school programs, loaning to field day operations including SWL / MB and especially young Hams/SWL'ers. If you wish to have your organization / individual added to our want list, please email us.Telephone calls are not accepted.

Your email information must include your telephone number, callsign if applicable, your shipping address, Manufacturer and Model Number if known and your intentions for use of the equipment. ALL Requests MUST BE specific in nature so please do not ask for ANY or ALL items.
NOTE: We do not have a publicized list of the equipment inventory. Recycled Radio makes a special effort to find items for our regular customers as a thanks for your continued business!

Please Email us with your wants.

A special thanks go out to all our contributors - especially my late Brother's estate.

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