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Estate Liquidation Program

Our Goal is to get you the most money for your items as possible! It's that simple.

There are many venues in which to accomplish this - eBay is not the whole world !!

If you are interested in selling just one radio or an entire estate, the methods used to liquidate them are basically the same. Recycled Radio will purchase outright the equipment at a mutually agreed price or, we can sell the equipment for you on a commission basis where you or your estate trustee sets the price!

In most cases, local sellers can receive cash the same day!

Outright Purchase of Estates:

CASH  Recycled Radio will purchase entire estates or individual pieces outright for cash. We suggest that you contact as many interested parties or vendors as possible to compare values before you sell. At Recycled Radio, we are very proud of our reputation for fairness. As a seller however, it is important to understand that an individual collector will offer you a higher price for specific equipment and, naturally, we do need to make profits! But, call our competitors first, then call us.

Consignment Agreements:

Every consignment agreement is different depending on situation. We review the items, and a simple agreement is made between the parties and this document can be notarized on request by our in-house Legal Department. Estates under Consignment Agreements we have found work out the best by allowing you and your trustee to "SET" the prices realized for your equipment. We will not sell your item for less than YOUR asking price. However, your decision to accept an offer below your asking price is always allowed.  For individuals processing a final decree or will, document verification is required. This is completed by your Attorney. These documents are designed to allow Recycled Radio to liquidate the assets of your radio equipment in complete compliance with the you or your estate executor. Simply, compile a detailed list of your equipment. Next, you set the prices of your equipment to be liquidated. Recycled Radio will handle the transaction for a consignment fee, based upon a sliding scale. This amount ranges from 20 to 50 percent, based on the sale price and other factors and it does not include S/H/I of the product. The sale of all items must originate from Recycled Radio. New Hampshire Merchant Laws require us to physically have the equipment in our possession.

The very nature of Recycled Radio is to work very hard for our consignors and estate trustees to get the maximum amount of money for their product. This is our mission statement and our commitment to quality service and honesty that sets us light years apart from our competitors. Remember: Our repair department can be used to maximize results by testing, verifying, and repairing equipment for sale or liquidation.


Most prices are set these days based on supply and demand best observed by eBay sales. If your prices are not met, you or your executor will have the right to alter the selling price based upon information provided by Recycled Radio. We always suggest sales to be made via Recycled Radio's Database or website before utilizing other methods of liquidation. This may take some time to realize sales but, it's the best avenue to obtain your asking price. Recycled Radio has a large Customer Database ( proprietary and confidential ) of people looking for Radio equipment in excellent WORKING condition. These folks tend to pay more for items than eBayers because they are our regular customers who want to purchase Recycled Radio's quality. Another advantage is Recycled Radio's repair shop repairing your non-functioning equipment to realize the maximum amount of money for your items.  


The items sold here are on Consignment or Estate Liquidation and are not the property of Recycled Radio. Recycled Radio is not responsible for items sold on consignment unless we misrepresent the item description or working condition. The consignor has absolute power to sell, trade or not to sell and their decision is final. Recycled Radio's customer database and personal information for requested equipment donations are never released to the public.

All Recycled Radio business transactions are subject to the State Of New Hampshire Merchant Laws. These Terms DO NOT apply to any on-line auctions. We are not responsible for omissions, typo errors, consignor withdrawals, inventory changes, bad hair days, Lids, lousy propagation, pile-up police, the two idiot techs we fired that were sub-contracted repairing/verifing equipment for us, or.... just about anything else.


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